What is included?
A new, simplified domain name that will connect your station to a broader audience. Listeners only have to plug in the frequency, such as 97.5-fm.com or www.97.5-fm.com. Our system will also allow you to forward the new domain name to your existing web site (no frames, popups, banners or ads).

I already have a domain name. Why do I need this?
Increased traffic to your website, thanks to the global presence a simplified domain name will provide.

Do I own the name?
No. The name is leased annually.

Do I have to host my web page with Equency?

No. But we offer free Web hosting.

Is web design included?
No. But we offer professional web design. Please contact us for pricing options.

What if our frequency or station name is changed?
We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Will the new name work in other countries?

Yes. Your new and improved domain name is accessible anywhere in the world.

How long is the contract?
You can lease a domain name for as little as 1 year. The maximum length is 10 years.

Will the price change?
No. The price is fixed for the term of the lease.